Astroscale, developer of the orbital debris monitoring “IDEA OSG 1” microsatellite, is the official space partner of Pocari Sweat Run 2016, held at the Marina Bay in Singapore on Saturday, July 23.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical, manufacturer of popular sports drink Pocari Sweat, is launching a “Lunar Dream Capsule Project,” with the goal of sending a “dream capsule” to the moon in support of mankind’s continuous exploration into the unknown. Designed and developed in partnership with Astroscale, the capsule contains Pocari Sweat powder, with hopes that the beverage can one day be made with water found on the moon’s surface, according to Pocari Sweat. The journey to the moon is estimated to be 380,000km. Four editions of Pocari Sweat Run have taken place in the past and runners have covered an accumulated distance of 300,000km. Saturday’s fifth edition of the Pocari Sweat Run figuratively completed the journey to the moon of 80,000km with approximately 10,000 runners.

As the official space partner of Pocari Sweat Run 2016, Astroscale introduced the technology behind the “Dream Capsule” as well as its latest “IDEA OSG 1” orbital debris monitoring microsatellite in the “Space Zone” carnival area during the race.