1.“IDEA OSG 1” Project

“IDEA OSG 1” is the world’s first micro-size satellite for the tracking and mapping of space debris. The IDEA OSG 1 is scheduled for launch in Early 2018, and will contribute to refining current debris distribution models and improving the ability of spacecrafts in assessing the collision risk in the high-risk orbits.

OSG – the main supporter of the mission, is actively contributing to global manufacturing industries including aerospace, automotive, die/mold, and many others. In support of ASTROSCALE and its promotion of the IDEA OSG 1 mission, OSG hopes to further encourage space development as well as relating manufacturing industries.

CG image of IDEA OSG 1

Mission Statement

Greatly empathizes with ASTROSCALE’s mission, OSG vows to support the “IDEA OSG 1” debris monitoring satellite to contribute to the sustainable use of the space environment.