4.OSG Corporation


OSG Corporation is a cutting tool manufacturer headquartered in Toyokawa City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and engages in business development on a global scale. OSG’s main products are machining tools including taps, drills, end mills and rolling dies. Improving quality, accuracy, and machining efficiency are always a big challenge at machining sites in the manufacturing industry, which are OSG’s primary customers. OSG utilizes high-level technical capabilities cultivated over many years to develop and offer high value-added products suited to each and every clients’ needs. OSG also offers optimal machining conditions in addition to tools, and addresses issue resolution together with the customer.

OSG creates tools essential in the production of manufactured goods that are found in every manufacturing industry, in particular the automotive, aerospace, and die/mold industries. These manufacturing industries underpin the expansion of the global economy, and growth in these industries is anticipated in the future. OSG is also making positive progress with market development in high-growth areas such as the energy and medical industries.

On December 15, 2015 OSG became a corporate sponsor of ASTROSCALE, a company planning a space debris removal venture. OSG is also supporting the launch of the “IDEA OSG 1” satellite scheduled to take place in Early 2018.

Company Profile

OSG Corporation
Date Founded
March 26, 1938
3-22 Honnogahara, Toyokawa-City, Aichi Prefecture 442-8543, Japan
Description of Business
Manufacture and sales of cutting tools, rolling dies, gauges, machine tools and machine parts; import and sales of tools.
Corporate Officers
Norio Ishikawa (President & COO)