IDEA OSG 1 記者発表会

オーエスジーは、宇宙環境を守り、宇宙開発の発展と人類の幸せのために果敢にチャレンジするアストロスケール社の「IDEA OSG1」プロジェクトを応援します。そんなメッセージを伝えるために、記者発表・パネルディスカッションを行いました。


IDEA OSG 1 Press Conference

OSG Corporation is the main supporter of ASTROSCALE’s “IDEA OSG 1” mission, and vows to contribute to the sustainable use and development of the space environment as well as the wellbeing of humanity. A press conference and panel discussion were held to convey this message.

In addition to ASTROSCALE CEO Nobu Okada and OSG president & COO Norio Ishikawa, astronaut Naoko Yamazaki, stage director Amon Miyamoto, and other university faculty members also participated in the panel discussion.